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20.09. 14:30

Ökonomie und Nachhaltigkeit

Dr. Tara Shirvani, is a distinguished expert in science, technology, and sustainable development, having just released her groundbreaking book titled in German 'Plastikfresser und Turbobäume- Wie wir das Klima retten, den Müll aus dem Meer holen und den ganzen Rest auch noch glänzend hinbekommen', which shot up the Bestseller ranks in less than 48hrs and is currently a No1 Bestseller on Amazon. 

This must-read book explores how Synthetic Biology is transforming traditional manufacturing paradigms and birthing a Bio Economy that is built on sustainability and powered by biology. From foods to fuels, this book explains how Synthetic Biology offers new ways of producing almost everything that human beings consume, with enormous potential for revolutionizing the way we live, tackle climate action and preserve biodiversity.

Tara Shirvani brings  over 15 years of experience in developing high-profile climate projects and policies at the nexus of disruptive technologies, sustainability and infrastructure.  Her career experience spans across financial markets and climate policy with the likes of the World Bank, EBRD, Autonomy Capital and EQT Partners. 

In 2022 she founded the Climate Crisis Advisory Group together with Sir David King former Chief Scientific Advisor for the UK government, to advise policy makers on climate action and climate repair needs.  She received a Masters in Engineering for Sustainable Development from Cambridge University at the age of 21 and a Postgraduate Degree (PhD) at the age of 24 in Green Transport Solutions from Oxford University. She holds the Aviva Women of the Future Award, a Forbes 30 under 30 recognition and is fluent in German, English, French and Farsi.