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Kristina Bulle


University Osnabrück, Master of Business Administration 1986 - 1995

Business Affiliations prior to joining P&G
Mercedes Benz Germany, Spain, Japan, Infom Corp. USA

Date joined P&G
June 15, 1995


1995 Assistant Brand Manager Ellen Betrix, Germany

1996 Assistant Brand Manager Pantene, Germany

1998 Brand Manager Ellen Betrix DACH

2000 Brand Manager Max Factor, WE (Geneva)

2003 Associate Marketing Director Max Factor, Japan (Kobe)

2006 Associate Marketing Director Braun Hair Care, Global

2008 Marketing Director Braun Female Beauty, Global

2011 Maternity Leave

2012 Marketing Director Global Metro/Marko Customer Team

2015 Marketing Director Brand Operation/Marketing Function DACH

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